Effective project supervision of any scale

ARCAL is distinguished in the supervision department by the presence of a large team of engineers with long experience in supervising, and our team is keen to make regular visits to work sites while reviewing design plans and specifications periodically.

In ARCAL, we are keen to keep the customer informed of the progress of operations and ensure the safety of work implementation by improving the quality of building completion and materials used in their construction, protecting the environment from construction waste, monitoring construction sites, identifying violations and holding the violator accountable, in addition to maintaining the cleanliness of construction sites and disposal. The Department of Control and Supervision is concerned with setting security and safety requirements and ensuring their application at construction sites.

We also monitor suppliers and manufacturers of building materials, such as factories of ready-made concrete, bricks and cement, and ensure that they conform to the approved specifications, and control facilities operating in the field of contracting.


Why is Engineering Supervision important?!

Engineering projects are not consumer goods, meaning that the project owner does not create projects on a daily basis, and thus engineering supervision is an urgent need. This means that the owner's experience in construction and construction is limited. The correct path for a successful project must be based on calculated and studied engineering foundations.

The tasks and duties of the engineering supervision body in Arkal on project work are as follows:

• Defining the responsibilities of the contractor engineers.
• Clarify some of the contractor's responsibilities, obligations and rights when executing the works. 
• Clarify the conditions, instructions and regulations related to implementation.
• Determining the basic steps for supervising the implementation of the work of the various projects.
• Determining the procedures to be followed in the supervision of the implementation of projects.
• Raising the level of quality of project implementation, by raising the level of supervision over them, and implementing quality control programs, thus reducing project maintenance and operating costs.
• Reducing problems and obstacles that may arise during the project implementation period.
• Creating an atmosphere of trust and a spirit of cooperation between the elements of the project (contractor / supervisory body / employer).


We are very grateful opportunity to supervise different types of projects of different scale. Here are just few projects we have proudly delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner.