Architectural Design


Where great architectural design begins

At ARCAL, we always give the space for our specialized team to imagine new designs, which contribute to presenting a modern architectural masterpiece, by developing the style in making decisions by choosing colors, lines, and shapes for architectural design.

And the development of the ability to notice the details of the design, in order to achieve the final result of the design in a correct manner, free of errors.
We also seek to pay attention to the cultural and social thought prevalent in societies; That is, the architectural design must be similar to the nature of these ideas so that the residents can easily accept them, in addition to the interest in showing the aesthetic details of architecture, which contributes to its preservation throughout history.

Our team of professionals uses the latest modern design techniques and finishing techniques and includes the latest engineering design systems, smart home, study spaces, security systems, access control systems, and video surveillance. All this wide range of fit-out services are complemented by the installation of luxury living systems.

During 20 years of work in the local market of the UAE and the Gulf, the company acquired the experience, expertise and capabilities to carry out various types of residential, commercial and development projects with the government of Abu Dhabi. To ensure building a distinguished name and weaving a relationship of trust and communication with our distinguished customers, therefore, management and employees are individually and collectively responsible and committed to quality and quality in addition to safety, and to this end, the company has placed great emphasis on quality rather than quantity as a major goal in all its business.


Over the past 20 years, ARCAL has become one of the most leading architectural firms in the UAE, especially the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the city of Al Ain, where we have designed, implemented and supervised more than 3000 private residential villas.