Communication with customers does not have to be a part of the company, and because we at ARCAL know the importance of our distinguished customers, customer service for us is the whole company, from the youngest employee to the general manager of the company.

In order to satisfy our permanent customers, ARCAL established from the beginning a huge media center to communicate with our customers on all backward platforms and in all modern ways, and established a media base that provides interest, advice and the latest technologies to our valued customers.

And because our customers are the most important, we always strive to correct our production path and correct and develop the ways of providing the service or product, and this is achieved by listening to the different opinions of customers.

We seek to be present on various social media platforms in order to facilitate direct communication with our customers to benefit and share their opinions and solve the problems they face, in addition to providing construction advice and information daily on our account from the company’s engineers experts.

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